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The Tourism Centre overlooks the rugged Saunders Gorge.

Sanctuary & Tourism Centre
Open to the Public for  Picnics & Scenic Walks on Saturday &Sunday from 10am - 5pm (Closed Christmas day). Access for scenic walks $10.00 per Adult $5.00 per Child.
Open other days for group bookings & Accommodation guests

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Natural Habitat Preservation
Saunders Gorge The whole of Clovelly Sheep Station (1,364 hectares) has been declared a Sanctuary to protect its native fauna and flora. The most significant area of the property is the 80ha Saunders Gorge where a wide diversity of Australian fauna and flora is found. A steep rugged gorge has formed where the Saunders Creek departs the hills and flows out onto the Murray Plains. Its attempt to flow across the dry sandy plains to the River Murray is short, as the creek soon disappears into the sandy ground only leaving a trail of towering River Red Gum Trees to define its line of travel as an underground stream.
Rocky Gorge

Roo The Saunders Gorge and surrounding hills are a significant habitat of Australian Fauna & Flora.

A visit to the Saunders Gorge gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders and natural beauty of the Australian landscape & while sitting under the shade of a River Red Gum listening to the birds sing, you can't help but absorb the ancient timeless feel of the Australian bush.

Fire Hits Saunders Gorge Sanctuary - Friday 17th January 2014
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Enjoy a visit to the Saunders Gorge Sanctuary :-

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The Saunders Gorge is home to a wide variety of  Birds, Reptiles, Marsupials & a diversity of Flora.

Native Vegetation List

Native Animals List

Open to the Public for Picnics & Scenic Walks
On Saturday & Sunday & Public Holidays from 10am - 5pm

(Closed Christmas day). Access for scenic walks $10.00 per person.

Work Being Undertaken To Rehabilitate The Natural Enviroment

Weeds In 1997 we purchased an adjoining piece of land that the Saunders Creek flows through (now Sanctuary No 72).
Due to past neglect this piece of land had become heavily infested with pepper trees and olive trees that compete with the native vegetation for water & prevent young native trees and shrubs from growing. If left unchecked they will eventually take over the picturesque gorge.
Gum trees Our present task is the removal & destruction of these pest trees to prevent their spread any further along the Saunders Creek. In 1999 we fenced 150 ha of the most significant area of native vegetation to permanently keep stock out and allow the area to regenerate. Following this in May 2001 we extended the fencing to include an additional 360 ha. This area is predominately native grassland and is of great importance to the survival of many native bird & reptile species of the area. We look forward to seeing the increase in the native vegetation & with it an increase in the native fauna, an exciting time ahead.

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